F**ked Up, Doomsquad and Nightshades @ Ritual [May 9, 2015]

After two weeks Ontario Scene close off with this crazy show at Ritual on May 9th.
For me, this was the show I was very excited about and the first stop for this unique tour.
Playing at the show was Fucked Up, Doomsquad and Nightshades.
Fucked Up @ Ritual
When news came out that Fucked Up was going to play Ontario Scene, I was like there is no way in hell I wouldn’t want to miss this.
What was more exciting was they announced that got Doomsquad to join them for their Zodiac Tour.
For those aren’t aware the band has been releasing EPs of the Zodiac signs, more info on here.
Literally it was insane with nine members all on the stage!
To be honest, I am not familiar with any of the songs from the Zodiac EP minus the one last year from Year Of The Dragon where one of the song is a cover.
Fucked Up @ Ritual
I couldn’t control my excitement to their music.
People moshing left, right and centre.
It was pretty hot and sweaty.
I was glad I didn’t get my camera destroyed.
During the encore they played Queen of Hearts (still my favorite) and the crowd favorite/political charging song Police.
It was some set!
Fucked Up @ Ritual
I was really excited for Doomsquad’s set.
They previewed some new materials.
I couldn’t help but be hypnotized and dance to their music!
I was happy they performed “Born From The Marriage of the Moon and a Crocodile”.
Can’t stop loving this band!
Doomsquad @ Ritual
Ottawa’s Nightshades performed with their garage rock music.
It was nice to see the audience enjoy their music.
Nightshades @ Ritual
Overall this was one of my favorite shows at Ontario Scene.
Face and ear melting is all I have to say.
Click below for more photos.
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