Interview with Kerri Ough from The Good Lovelies.

Ottawa Folk Festival: The Good Lovelies and Tom Power
Taken from the 2009 Ottawa Folk Festival. Love the sunglasses!

I rarely do interviews through emails but I was eager to this one with Kerri from Good Lovelies.
Check out on what I asked Kerri and have an interesting insight on the band.
Since they are playing a show (March 31st) at the Black Sheep Inn.
Which I am going to catch tonight.
So here is the interview.

How has the tour been promoting the album?

Well, we’re on the final leg of a three-legged tour promoting this album,
and it’s been great. We’ve been in north, south west, and now in eastern
Ontario, so we’ve covered a lot of ground. Audiences have been
enthusiastic and it’s been exciting to revisit places we’ve been before
and bring them new music (and a new album).

Who are your musical influences?

It’s a bit of a mixed bag. When we were younger, we’d listen to anything
from Simon and Garfunkle to Joni Mitchell, Barenaked Ladies to Alanis
Morissette or punk, jazz and choral music. Basically we’ve listened to
everything and somehow our sound is a kind of vintage, old-timey sound
that we’re quite enjoying.

Where did the inspiration come from when making the album?

We spend a lot of time together and over half the year on the road, so
that’s what we wrote about this time around. We write about our
experiences, and for the last 2 years, those topics are being on the
road, leaving home, leaving family and loved ones behind, and enjoying the
path we’ve chosen to follow.

What is your favorite song you love playing live?

This is a tough question because we all write the tunes. I love rocking
out to Caroline’s song “Backyard”, I love singing Sue’s tune, “Kiss Me in
the Kitchen”, and it’s fun to belt out my tune “Free.” The ballads are
nice moments between our upbeat tunes… So, in short, I didn’t really
answer your question because I love singing all the tunes!

You’ve played The Black Sheep Inn alot right? What is it you like about
that place?

The crowds at the Blacksheep have always been incredible to us – and
Wakefield is such a stunning town, it’s hard not to include it on all our
tours east. We appreciate that the Ottawa crowd also makes the trek out of
town to join us.. It’s a special place, and has been since we started
playing together.

Lastly what is your favorite format? CDs, LPs, Tapes or mp3s?

Caroline and I (Kerri) are big fans of CDs. We still buy CDs in stores
because we like seeing the packaging and reading the liner notes. Sue has
a soft spot for LPs, she likes the grandeur of them. I actually got a tape
of banjo songs from a man at our show in Wilno, ON, so when I get home I’m
going to dust off my ghetto blaster and pop it into the tape player.

Don’t forget to check them out on here.

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