Relief Maps – Graveyard Smash (Review)

I finally got the album by the Ottawa band Relief Maps after their show on Friday night..
Relief Maps consist of:

  • Luke Duross
  • Katie Duross
  • Nic Comeau
  • Dusty Dewan
  • Kevin Regan

Here is my review on the album.
You might call me a newbie fan since I just started knowing their music and style.
Their music is indie alternative/post-punk. 
Not sure if I can classify them as indie pop, mostly because of the keyboard parts on Hair Play.
Love the neat packaging of the album and even the green on the actual CD.

Little tidbit of the album. It was engineered by Jeff DeButte from The Acorn, they sure got alot of great connections in the Ottawa music scene.

This album is rocking and having a riot listening to it.
Katie’s vocals is very amazing considering she is the lone female in a male dominant band.
Lots of great guitar driven sound and great sing along chorus in Graveyard Smash and Young Typist (mostly the screaming and yelling part).
Every track on this album just sticks into your head.
Lots of catchy tracks like “Graveyard Smash”, “Hair Play”, “Stamp Out Fatigue” and “Sarah Polley” (I wonder if Sarah Polley knows about this? Would be cool if is she did) which puts me on repeat mode listening over and over.
Their music is very upbeat indie alternative style but lyrical (Which I don’t sometimes notice) has that dark overtone (Which what my friend said and need to analyze again).

Favorite tracks:

  • Graveyard Smash
  • Hair Play
  • Stamp Out Fatigue
  • Young Typist
  • Sarah Polley

Go and buy this album at your local Ottawa Music Stores or order from their Myspace page.

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