Ennuie – Halloween show at Umi Cafe

Ennuie - Halloween ShowEnnuie - Halloween ShowOn Halloween I decided to go to Umi Cafe and support Ivana Borojevic who is Ennuie.
Sad to hear that Luca Furgiuele left the band to pursue other endeavors.
Hope someone will help fill the gap for Ennuie.
I haven’t seen Ennuie play since May which was at
Avant-Garde Bar for their CD Release show.
It was the first time for Ivana to play the piano which was a surprise.
Very fun and entertaining set.
Considering Ivana was dressed up as Beetlejuice and had to be character.
Luca did show up and reenact a scene from “Phantom of The Opera” which ended abruptly.
There was a guy who played the guitar for one song.
It was a fun Halloween show at Umi Cafe.

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