Bands Undone: Silver Starling

Photo from their Myspace page.

On Saturday November 7th, the Montreal band Silver Starling will be making an appearance for Canteen’s Bands Undone*.
They will be doing a Q&A and small intimate session at 5pm.
The band just released their self-titled album on Last Gang Records.
Members consist of:

  • Marcus Paquin
  • Liam O’Neill
  • Marika Shaw
  • Peter X
  • Gab Lambert

If you are from the media or a music blogger contact karaj22s@gmail.comabout this.
But if you aren’t but really want to see them badly just go and e-mail her.

*Bands Undone is an in-store media session series involving exclusive sessions with indie acts – inviting bloggers, journalists, and other key people for a small stripped down performance and Q&A.

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