Hilotrons & Silkken Laumann @ Babylon Nightclub [March 15, 2013]

There was alot of events happening in Ottawa on March 15th.
It was definitely a blur and crazy night (Which I won’t get into but apologize for it :P) but if you did see me at Babylon Nightclub.
I was excited for this show which was presented by Arboretum Arts and Music Festival.
They had:
Hilotrons @ Babylon Nightclub
Silkken Laumann
Silkken Laumann @ Babylon Nightclub

At first I thought I was going to late on Silkken Laumann’s set.
It was a little behind schedule which I didn’t mind at least I got see and talk to the people I know at the show.
Silkken Laumann finally got the show started.
I was excited to see this set because they dropped their third single Obvious Water (Yer a Kitten)

They sure know how to put the “FUN” in dance party!
It was mind blowing psych-house, electro-dance pop music!
Added with the lights and fog.
Really a fun set!
Silkken Laumann @ Babylon Nightclub
It was getting late and mostly stay for the first three Hilotrons set.
It was Mike Dubue and Adam Saikaley.
It was a different side of Hilotrons.
Had more of boom of the bass and electro-dance vibe to it.
Besides the funny stage banter by Mike asking if anyone is going to have sex.
Happy that he played Emergency and She Knows My Condition in a electro-boom bass style.
Crossing my fingers if Hilotrons will be playing at this year’s Arboretum Arts and Music Festival.
Hilotrons @ Babylon Nightclub
Overall it was a pretty exciting Friday night!
Here are the rest of the photos.

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