Sound of Lions @ The NAC Fourth Stage [March 14, 2013]

Finally this year I went to a NAC Presents Concert Series.
I went to see Ottawa’s Sound of Lions play at the lovely Fourth Stage.
It was nice for the series to have a Ottawa act play there. Give a bump up to local acts.
I hadn’t seen them play since 2012’s Bluesfest.
The show at the Fourth Stage was definitely sold out.
Sound of Lions @ NAC Fourth Stage

A mix of friends, families, fans and curious who bought tickets to the series.
I happened to talk to a couple who joined me at the table I was sitting.
They didn’t know who they were and bought tickets because they love the NAC.
Afterwards I asked them and they really loved them.
Sound of Lions @ NAC Fourth Stage
They began with a member of Flight Distance(Someone correct me!? 😛 ) doing a poetry of Tom Wait’s work.
It was very unique of them to start off with that.
Sound of Lions @ NAC Fourth Stage
The rest of the member all came on stage.
Of course this being at the NAC, all of them wore nice clothes.
The band previewed some new tracks on a upcoming album.
They also sang tracks from their first album 11:44.
Whitney mentioned about most of the songs she sings are very sad love stories.
Sound of Lions @ NAC Fourth Stage
There was a intermission and afterwards it was just Whitney and Will on the piano.
Amazing to hear two stripped down songs.
Hopefully one of the tracks makes it on the new album.
They did a cover of JT’s Cry Me A River.
They did two encores.
Sound of Lions @ NAC Fourth Stage
Overall it was a brilliant show.
Nice to see them in this element where people are attentive and enjoying the music.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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