HSY, DRI HIEV and Bonnie Doon @ Pressed [November 1, 2016]

The day after Halloween and I went to this really loud show at Pressed!
One band I was so excited to see and another I was very curious because of their unique name.
Performing at the show was HSY, DRI HIEV and Bonnie Doon.
HSY @ Pressed
Was so excited to see HSY before 2016 ended.
The band is on a North American tour.
Blasting away with their loud sludge noisey punk music.
DRI HIEV @ Pressed
Second band to perform was Calgary’s Dri Hiev.
Doesn’t the band name and spelling sound and look cool?
Anyways first time seeing and I was blown away with their industrial noise punk music.
It was very hypnotic and interesting to hear. Thinking that Calgary is becoming the next hot bed of music acts coming out.
Bonnie Doon @ Pressed
Starting off the show was Ottawa’s Bonnie Doon.
In true fashion, they came out in costumes since it was post-Halloween.
The band performed some new materials from their long-awaited album which doesn’t come out until 2017.
Sadly there was no Pizza Shark but overall a great set!
One of the loudest and favorite shows in 2016 that I have attended!
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