Hua Li 化力 – Bennie and the Jets [Music Video]

Today, Montreal’s Hua Li 化力 dropped the music video for Elton John cover of Bennie and the Jets via Next Door Records.
A cool and bumpin’ take on this cover which gets you moving!

About the track by Hua Li 化力:
In discussing the inspiration behind the cover, Hua Li said, “My dad bought me a book of Elton John sheet music when I was ten years old and he made me sing and play his favourites every day when he came home from work.
I learned all the tracks from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road that way and ‘Bennie’ is the one I still like best.
Who is she?
She’ll make you fight your parents in the streets!
She’ll change the weather!
She’s in magazines!
My producer Alex and I tried to reimagine the song as if Elton John became a Soundcloud rapper in this version Bennie is somehow a cross between Cardi B and Florence Welch.”

Bennie and the Jets gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.