JayWood – God Is A Reptile [Music Video]

Today the Winnipeg musician JayWood dropped the music video for God Is A Reptile.
The second single is taken from Slingshot which comes out on July 15, 2022 via Captured Tracks (USA) and Royal Mountain Records (Canada).
A cool psy-funky alternative pop tune.

About the track:
On “God Is A Reptile”, Haywood-Smith begins with “I’m tired of living in my skin // I feel like a washed up has-been,” contrasting the tongue-in-cheek confidence of the track’s instrumental to explore insecurity.

“God Is A Reptile” feels like the angstiest part of myself.
I wrote it at a time where I was experiencing a lot of anger all at once and I really just wanted to focus it into something healthy.”

In the accompanying video directed by Eric Peterson, Haywood-Smith traverses tropical woods and vast deserts before exploding into an SFX-doused trip, complete with saxophone-playing lizards.

God Is A Reptile gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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