Kelp 16: Day three with The Flaps, Flecton Big Sky, Andy Swan, The Secret Loves & Jenny Omnichord

It was a busy Saturday for Kelp 16.
One was the yearly tradition at the Carleton Tavern.
This is my third year attending it.
What I love about the day show is not because of the music.
Its the delicious pull pork sandwiches they make every year.
It was a nice day show of music and playing there were Jenny Omnichord, The Secret Loves, Andy Swan, Flecton Big Sky and The Flaps.
Somehow I had the energy to attend this event.
All the acts playing besides Flecton Big Sky were my first time seeing them live.
I love the poster for this one. Something about that peguin.

Jenny Omnichord was the first performer.
This was my first time seeing her live.
She had this unique artistry with her music since it was just herself and omnichord.
Music was cute and poppy.
Jenny Omnichord @ Kelp 16
Second up was The Secret Loves.
They were rocking it out loud.
It was a fun set.
The Secret Loves @ Kelp 16
Third was Andy Swan.
WOW! He was amazing live.
A truely talented musician and you have to see him live.
Andy Swan @ Kelp 16
Flecton Big Sky was fourth.
Their set had a stripped down approach since it was just two members in the band.
It was nice and mellow.
Flecton Big Sky @ Kelp 16
I didn’t get time to see The Flaps play.
Must been the pullpork sandwiches making me feel tired and exhausted.
But I managed to snap some photos of their set.
The Flaps @ Kelp 16
Overall I had a great time and the food was great.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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