Kelp 16: Night Three with The Michael Parks, Camp Radio, Tres Bien Ensemble and Rhume

Night three of Kelp 16 was the one people were waiting for.
For myself this was the Kelp show I rarely get to see.
Besides the acoustic folk-rock side that I am sort of used with from Kelp.
This one was a big killer show and the bands that played were totally rocking loud.
This was my first time seeing all these four bands play at Raw Sugar Cafe.
The show was sold out. For those that couldn’t get in, you missed out.
All I can say is poor Nadia (owner of Raw Sugar Cafe), she must had alot to clean up but at least she had people helping her out.
I was not aware that a member of the Weakerthans was playing in the bands that night.

The first act was The Michael Parks.
This was Andy Swan’s band who had Shayne Cox on drums and Greg Smith on bass.
Different from Andy Swan’s solo stuff.
Jenny Omnichord sang on one song.
Jon Bartlett sang on some songs during the set.
It was a fun set.
The Michael Parks @ Kelp 16
The second act was Camp Radio.
Chris Page, Dave Draves and Scott Terry are the members.
I was so blown away with their set.
It was not what I expected Camp Radio be.
Seeing Chris Page rocking out totally blew my mind away.
I am so used with him going acoustic folk rock when he is solo or when he plays with Jill Zmud.
They had two special guest.
One was Jim Bryson. Now that was another surprise to see.
Seeing Jim rocking out was definitely worth to watch.
What a high voltage set Camp Radio put on.
Camp Radio @ Kelp 16
The third act was Tres Bien Ensemble.
Before you go thinking that the band is French, think again.
The band is from Toronto.
Their set was fun.
Love that one of the member had this instrument that played weird sounds.
The last song, I was dancing to and had that funky rock feel to it.
Tres Bien Ensemble @ Kelp 16
Lastly it was Rhume.
It is Jon Bartlett’s band.
Very fun and intense rock set.
I always forget that Jon Bartlett is a musician too.
He can really sing and can tear the roof off with the show.
Somehow I was not expecting Jon to be changing clothes during the set.
Changed into a white suit.
He had some special guest singing on some songs.
It was a fun high energy set.
The audience was loving.
Of course Jon mentioned where this secret show with The White Wires was (will be in the next review very soon).
Rhume @ Kelp 16
Overall that was one awesome that Kelp put on.
It was the craziest and loudest that Raw Sugar Cafe has put on.
This was the end of Kelp 16 that was to be in 2010.
Hoping Kelp 17 will be another spectacular year.
Rest of the photos.
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