Kisses – The Heart Of The Nightlife [Review]

I wasn’t expecting to get an email from Kisses‘ PR people.
Considering they were kind of mentioned in music singles chart #29.
Not to be confused with Montreal “Silly Kissers”.
Kisses is a LA-based, pop-electro-disco flavored consisting of Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson.
They will drop their album “The Heart Of The Nightlife” on March 1st.

Here is a blurb about Kisses.
The Heart of the Nightlife’s nine stunning compositions each exhibits a refined pop sensibility evocative of Arthur Russell’s later-period romantic works.
There is a subconscious embrace of simple emotions and sentimentality on this record.
It is a minimalist approach to pop music that revels in the celebratory moments of life, those fragments of time that we only remember in postcards or faint recollections.
The Heart of the Nightlife takes these elusive moments and celebrates them openly, without fear of scorn; something that we could all use in these recession-filled times.

With the trend of chillwave and dance pop acts happening these days.
Also another trend with husband-wife duo like Tennis and Handsome Furs.
There is a hint of 1980s synthpop nostalgia very reminiscent to Human League and New Order.

Its not just a dance record, there are some mellow tracks in People Can Do The Most Amazing Things and On the Move.
Still find it unique when a band uses its band name as a song title.
The rest is fun, catchy and dancey tunes.

Listening to the whole album made me go through a time-warp to the 1980s with all the wacky fashions, bright colors and things crazy and fun.

Best Tracks:

  • Kisses

  • Bermuda

  • On The Move
  • The Heart of the Nightlife
  • Lovers
  • A Weekend In Brooklyn
  • Midnight Lover
  • Women Of The Club

I’d give The Heart Of The Nightlife 9/10.
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