Kyrie Kristmanson @ Blacksheep Inn

Kyrie Kristmanson played a lovely intimate show at the Blacksheep Inn on September 26th.
She suits that venue very well.
This was my second time seeing her play at this venue.
Also playing were Adam Saikaley and Jill Zmud.
With the events happening that night.
I really wanted to go to this show just to see Kyrie play at this lovely venue.
Also the venue has the adorable and cute pug Lucy.
Last time she played at the Blacksheep Inn was last year in March before she headed off to France.
Still love her album Pagan Love which she mostly sang off tracks from her current album.
The show was hosted by CBC’s Alan Neale which was a surprise.
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Adam Saikaley started off the show.
Didn’t know he was playing the famous Blacksheep Inn piano.
Thought he would be playing his electronic music.
He can do play any kinds of music.
Surprised on how well he can play the piano.
Accidentally yelled out “Fire” as one of his untitled track. Which he was agreeably called it that and had some chuckles in the audience.
Adam put on a wonderful set.

Jill Zmud was next to play.
She played a short acoustic set.
It was also a preview of her debut album which won’t come out until November.
Her music was really nice, very acoustic folk pop.
Excellent singer to check out live.

Lastly Kyrie played and she was manificent.
She had Martain playing bass with her.
Comes on stage with her famous white fuzzy hat.
Loved the first song which was Song X.
This time people did clap along to the song.
Of course the audience did the singing for Comet Of Desire, where we had to sing “No No No, You’re too hot to touch, to hot to touch”.
Amazing to hear some songs which she sang in French accapella.
The second last song “Song for a Black Wind”.
It was so hauntingly amazing, that you can hear a pin drop or you can hear the two photographers on the left side of the stage snapping away on their camera. Making some people who I was sitting around getting quite annoyed.
The last song Eruption, she got everyone to shout Pow and it was the loudest I’ve heard.
You’ve got to see her play live. Luckily she will be playing at Pop Montreal this year.
Go check her out.

Here is a Youtube clip of Kyrie singing live with film grain.

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