Lights, Nightbox & Rich Aucoin @ Bronson Centre [November 23, 2011]

The one time this year I decided to attend a last minute show at the Bronson Centre.
The was packed with people who were very excited to see Lights.
She was promoting her album Siberia.
I was more eager to see the two openers there.
Letting you know that the photos taken was a mix of a point & shoot and the iPhone.
I didn’t bring my DSLR for this show.
Rich Aucoin @ Bronson Centre

Rich Aucoin who is November’s X3 Artist of the month, started off the set.
You don’t know how many times I have seen him play live.
Despite being a 30 minute set, he got the audience excited, on their feet and singing.
Don’t forget the confetti poppers!
When he sang “Undead”, he got off the stage ran around and up to the balconies.
Apparently I couldn’t hear him sing so I sang the chorus part.
He bought the out rainbow parachute and everyone went crazy.
Noticed that it was a new parachute because it was larger and went up to the stage to about the third row of the seats.
His set was a lot of fun, that my voice was worn out from singing out loud.
Can’t wait when he headlines next year.
Go out and get his album, it is so worth it!
Rich Aucoin @ Bronson Centre
Next was Nightbox.
This was my second time seeing them live.
The first time was in June during NXNE.
They totally rocked it with their set of indie synth-pop.
They were great and hope they come back soon.
Here is my interview with two of the members of Nightbox.
Nightbox @ Bronson Centre
Finally it was Light’s to go up.
I guess that is why I don’t go to these kinds of shows.
The kids screaming for her was too much for my ears.
The last time I saw her live was at Zaphod Beeblebrox three years ago.
It’s good that she gaining a bigger fanbase.
She played from poppy dance of Ice to dubstep of Where The Fence Is Low and to a ballad piano pop of Heavy Rope.
She is one talented musician.
At least I got a high five from her and one her guitarist say “Yo! What’s up?’.
Lights @ Bronson Centre
After the show, I saw Jian Ghomeshi of CBC Radio’s Q and Light’s manager.
I just had to say how I love his show and shook his hand.
Overall it was a great night.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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