Luka Kuplowsky – Positive Push [Music Video]

Luka Kuplowsky‘s Stardust which is his first full-length release for Mama Bird Recordings (USA) and Next Door Records (Canada) comes out on October 2, 2020.
Second single from the album is called Positive Push.
A more upbeat poppy folk tune!

About the song:
“Positive Push” is “grasping at something elusive,” says Luka. “The voice of the song is overwhelmed with questions – seeking answers in teachers, family, love. Exhausted and uncertain, the song arrives at the recognition that the voice itself is the vehicle for change and actualization. ‘Sing Sing Sing like a Singer Songwriter / I hope to die a lot lighter than this’.

In recording the vocals live with the band, I often sat hunched on a stool strumming my classical guitar. For this song I put down the guitar and was dancing round the vocal booth. I wanted to get wacky and pop in a deadly serious way. I was listening a lot to The Roches 1989 masterpiece Speak.”

Positive Push gets:

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