Meet The Blue @ Analogue Gallery’s BBQ [NXNE 2011]

Meet The Blue @ Analogue Gallery
Meet The Blue was one of two acts I got to see during the day at NXNE at this free BBQ.
They played at Analogue Gallery.
I have to say it is a cool gallery seeing autographed album covers from The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra and others.
Was curious to what Meet The Blue sounded like since the duo are from Ireland now living in Toronto?
Of course getting free food at the BBQ.
Meet The Blue @ Analogue GalleryMeet The Blue @ Analogue Gallery
They played a really loud electro-dancing set inside the gallery.
They sort of remind me of Woodhands but not as crazy.
I thought they were great live.
Meet The Blue @ Analogue Gallery

If you don’t know what they sound like.
2011 Promo by Meet The Blue
Check out their music video for Flux. (No it’s not the Bloc Party cover but almost sounds like it)

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