Misteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee’s (CMW 2013) [March 22, 2013]

Started off CMW for Friday night (March 22nd).
Went to Sneaky Dee’s for M For Montreal‘s showcase.
I only went to get the free poutine which started at 8pm.
Told from a friend to stay for Misteur Valaire‘s set.
Apparently they were added last minute.
Misteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee'sMisteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee's

Besides enjoying my free poutine and a beer.
Man I didn’t expect Misteur Valaire to blow the venue off with a crazy dance party!
If you aren’t aware they are from Sherbrooke, Quebec.
They mainly played Pop, électro, électro-jazz and hip-hop music.
Misteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee's
I couldn’t resist dancing to their music!
It was bonkers! I thought they kind of reminded me of Radio Radio but more insanity and theatrical (Costume changes).
Misteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee'sMisteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee's
They even did a sample/tribute to Whitney Houston.
Someone from apt613 told me to check them out ages ago but never did.
I finally got to see them and they just wowed me!
Misteur Valaire @ Sneaky Dee's
Here are the rest of the photos.

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