Modern Hyenas @ The Sussex Contemporary [RIP]

The Sussex Contemporary held their first opening/exhibition for 2018.
Modern Hyenas features works by artists Natalie Bruvels, Joyce Crago and Wendy Nichol.
As modern hyenas, these three artists embody the archetype of scavenger in their search for artistic inspiration and material.
Natalie Bruvels, a painter, is finishing a longstanding series of work wherein she reuses discarded canvas material to incorporate into her own oil paintings. Old surfaces find rebirth.
Photo-based artist Joyce Crago exemplifies the resourcefulness of the hyena, a peaceful but strong scavenger who subsists of what is left behind. Crago collects refuse, skillfully arranging it into photographed compositions.
Nichol works with her chosen medium, raw clay, molding and working. Like the hyena, she works with her body as an instrument – with dexterity and grace her works of both strength and fragility create new life.
The exhibition runs until February 28, 2018.

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