Mojib – Mayday Revisited

Got this in my email and when I saw Unkle and The Radio Dept.
Couldn’t help notice what kind of single this will be.
If you are fans of

You will like this mash-up by Swedish producer Mojib (Staffan Ulmert).

Here is a blurb about the single:
”Mayday Revisited” is a one-off single from Swedish music producer Mojib (Staffan Ulmert). The track reconstructs the song ”Mayday” released in 2007 by UNKLE featuring The Duke Spirit. Using the vocals of Liela Moss the track is being mashed together with lo-fi indie act The Radio dept. Mojib then adds his own piano and acapella melodies. The result is a unique fusion of alternative indie, rock and electronica.”

Listen/download Mayday Revisited
Check out this remix he did.
Mojib – Paranoid Android (Radiohead Rewind project)
Its a excellent track!

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