Nat Baldwin & Landon A.R. Coleman @ Raw Sugar Cafe [February 19, 2012]

Sure a fun weekend in Ottawa.
Went to Raw Sugar Cafe on February 19, 2012 to see:
Nat Baldwin
Nat Baldwin @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Landon A.R. Coleman
Landon A.R. Coleman @ Raw Sugar Cafe

I was very excited for this show because I missed the show last time he played in Ottawa on November 18, 2010.
Only caught the last two songs of the set.
He mentioned that he was hungover from that show.
Nat Baldwin @ Raw Sugar Cafe
The show started off with Ottawa’s Landon A.R. Coleman.
The last time I saw him was at the gazebo in the Northwest Centre Block behind Parliament Hill on August 18, 2011.
At least I saw him play indoors.
It was a very nice set.
Also the show was being taped for CBC Radio 1’s Tapestry.
Very curious to hear it now and Landon made a joke about who the listeners might be.
Check out his music on Bandcamp.
Landon A.R. Coleman @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Next was Nat Baldwin.
It was a overwhelming show because the place total packed for a Sunday night.
Just Nat on stage with his bass.
He played songs from his album “People Changes” and some brand new tracks.
One of the new songs was about being wasted.
The whole set was very intimated and amazing.
When he played that bass, it just bought chills down my spine.
This time he had a mic so he didn’t go all acoustic like last time.
What a show and glad I was there to experience it.
Nat Baldwin @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Before the show I got a chance to interview Nat Baldwin.
Talked about:

  • The tour
  • Basketball (Jeremy Lim and Boston Celtics as his favorite team)
  • The album
  • What’s coming up after the tour ends

Have a listen to the interview.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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