Nick Schofield – Ambient Architect [Music Video]

Today, Nick Schofield dropped the single and music video for Ambient Architect.
The track is taken from the upcoming album Glass Gallery which comes out on February 5, 2021 via Backward Music.
Ambient Architect which is inspired by the National Gallery of Canada is a beautiful and stunning dreamy ambient track that makes you float walking in the gallery.
One of those songs that should be featured on KEXP‘s Pacific Notions.

About the song and music video:
Glass Gallery is my attempt to translate inspirational paintings into music.
When visiting the National Gallery of Canada, I often interpret painterly gestures, shapes and forms as ways to approach composition. Ambient Architect in particular is lifting from a Paul Klee painting, which features an of combination of this abstract architectural form overlaid on a cloud of soft colours. If you listen closely, I hope the reverence I have for these paintings comes through the music.

The video for Ambient Architect is by Christopher Honeywell, who is also responsible for all the album photography. In some ways, the music helped direct the video – the song ebbs and flows, with a calm momentum carrying it forward, much like the ambient lights and running figure.
To me, Christopher’s craft conveys patience, intention and sensitivity. We worked at his studio with lights and textiles to capture abstract colour manipulations, and filmed me running in the old port of Montreal.

When I am running, I can reach a place of pure awe, a state of perfect appreciation. These moments make me feel like the universe is seeing itself through my eyes, and I think to myself “look at the beauty you’ve created.” This video helps distill that sentiment, framing it from another perspective.

Ambient Architect gets:

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