No Filter’s Top 5 Songs of the Week [June 8 – 14]

Check out this week’s Top 5 Songs on my radio show called “No Filter”.
No change for this week’s #1 song by Hull/Ottawa act Scattered Clouds.
From the album The First Empire, here is the epic title track of the same name.
New debut by Ottawa’s Catriona Sturton.

  1. Zoo Legacy – She’ll Never Fall in Love [LW:4 TW:2]
  2. Catriona Sturton – Wheel Of Fortune [LW:NEW TW:1]
  3. Steamers – Years [LW:5 TW:2]
  4. Pony Girl – Candy [LW:2 TW:3]
  5. Scattered Clouds – The First Empire [LW:1 TW:4]

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