No Joy, Black Hair Grease and Destroy Clocks @ House of Targ [June 5, 2015]

With various shows that happened on June 5th.
I decided to go to House of Targ to see No Joy, Black Hair Grease and Destroy Clocks.
No Joy @ House of Targ
You can say it was the album release for Montreal’s No Joy.
More Faithful is their third input and while I only heard two of the singles out.
No matter how different their album is from their live shows, they will just blow the show right out!
I was very eager to see them live since they last played in the city two years ago.
It was definitely an loud shoe-gazey noise pop-rock set.
Of course the album won’t be the same as their live show but at least I was glad to see them.
No Joy @ House of Targ
Second act was Black Hair Grease.
It was left of the field kind of set.
Very experimental electro-noise music.
At least it got me moving to his music minus the insane light show which I had to close my eyes.
Black Hair Grease @ House of Targ
The show started off with Ottawa’s Destroy Clocks.
First time checking them out.
Not sure how new this act is.
Their set was very post-punk with some added prog-ness and shoegaze.
It was a great set and the audience enjoyed it.
Destroy Clocks @ House of Targ
Overall it was a great show
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