NXNE 2011: Who to see? (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of who I shall see at NXNE 2011.
This being Thursday June 16, 2011.
Things are starting to pick up that night.
Again I am too overwhelmed on who to see!

Live In Bellwoods – The Picnic Series 2011


  • Snowblink at The Music Gallery
  • Hopefully I will try to catch their set but I have to go to a interview at around 7:30pm.


  • Ruth Minnikin at Dakota Tavern
  • Evening Hymns at The Music Gallery
  • I haven’t been to this venue but he might play new material from the new second album.
    Hopefully he plays Dead Deer. Check out the video.

  • Gauntlet Hair at Phoenix Concert Theatre
  • American band that I want to see live.

8:00 PM-8:40 PM

  • Fucked Up at Yonge Dundas Square
  • I don’t know if I could see them without getting clobbered by moshers.


  • Jennifer Castle at Wrongbar
  • I heard there is some buzz surrounding her. Think of a female version of Chad VanGaalen.

  • Brian Borcherdt at 918 Bathurst
  • One member of Holy F**k and I haven’t seen his solo works yet.

  • The Dodos at Phoenix Concert Theatre
  • It would be amazing to see them live again.

  • Forest City Lovers at The Music Gallery
  • I really love them and hopefully I can hope to see them play at this venue which I have never been to.

  • Spirits at Cameron House
  • Hipster-friendly synth-rock from Hamilton, just back from a tour of South Africa, they’ve shared the stage with The Pixies and The Ting Tings.

  • Peter Elkas at the Rivoli
  • Chris Velan at Lee’s Palace
  • The Luyas at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
  • Since the new album has come, I am more familiarized with the tracks and I think it’s amazing they are playing at that venue.


  • The Two Koreas at Velvet Underground
  • Bobby Bazini at the Rivoli
  • Singer-songwriter from Mont-Laurier, north of Montréal, and began performing at 16.
    His unique voice, tone and delivery – along with his songs – have drawn raves from Quebec reviewers.

  • Greg MacPherson Gladstone Hotel Ballroom
  • There are only a handful of Canadians writing songs as powerful as Greg MacPherson.
    Few of them are under the age of 50 and fewer still are able to offer performances as artistically charged as their writing.

  • The Star Department at the Cameron House
  • Orchestral pop recalling Grizzly Bear or Bacharach with an emotive quality rare among their peers.

  • The Jon Cohen Experimental at Rancho Relaxo


  • Imaginary Cities at the Rivoli
  • Imaginary Cities @ Bellwoods Trinity Park

  • Doldrums at Sneaky Dee’s
  • Parks & Rec at Rancho Relaxo
  • Parks & Rec @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

  • PS I Love You at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
  • The Details at Gladstone Hotel Ballroom
  • Allie Hughes at Wrongbar
  • Allie Hughes @ Luminata

  • OPOPO at El Mocambo (Upstairs)
  • Little Girls at The Great Hall
  • Kevin Seconds at Lee’s Palace
  • Slow down, Molasses at the Dakota Tavern
  • Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky) at 918 Bathurst

12AM (This is going to be a tough decision between Tape Deck Mountain and Suuns)

  • Lake Forest (Will Whitwham of The Wilderness of Manitoba) at 918 Bathurst
  • The Wilderness of Manitoba @ GCTC

  • Tape Deck Mountain at the El Mocambo (Main Floor)
  • Ketch Harbour Wolves at The Painted Lady
  • Ketch Harbour Wolves @ Zaphods

  • METZ at Sneaky Dee’s
  • Suuns at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern


  • Bravestation at The Boat
  • Bruce Peninsula at the Rivoli
  • No Joy at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
  • Dirty Beaches at Silver Dollar Room (Definitely going to be at this show)
  • Lower Dens at Lee’s Palace
  • DD/MM/YYYY sy Sneaky Dee’s
  • The Treasures at Dakota Tavern
  • The Strumbellas at Bread and Circus
  • Gauntlet Hair at the El Mocambo (Main Floor)
  • Fucked Up at Wrongbar


  • Sports at Silver Dollar Room
  • Light Fires at Wrongbar
  • Light Fires @ Le Divan Orange
    James Bunton (Ohbijou) and Gentleman Reg’s dance project.

  • Special Guest at El Mocambo (Main Floor)


  • Sandman Viper Command at Silver Dollar Room
  • Sandman Viper Command @ Zaphods

This is going to be some night.
Don’t forget to say hi too.


  1. JargonJohn

    Oh shit – if Brian Borcherdt is there, maybe that means one of the Special Guests might be Holy Fuck.

    And I had no idea Gentleman Reg had an electronic side project…

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