Official Polaris Music Prize 2010 Shortlist


Everyone is going to be Twittering or blogging about this year’s Polaris Music Prize Shortlist.
Well six of my predictions made it on the official shortlist.
Here are the shortlist nominees.

*Predictions from last post.
This will be early but I want Shad to win it this year.
If not it will definitely be Dan Mangan or The Besnard Lakes.
Underdog in my opinion will be Radio Radio or The Sadies.
I didn’t put Broken Social Scene on my prediction list but I knew they were going to be on it.
I was surprised that Tegan and Sara made it on the list. Have not heard Sainthood yet but I feel they don’t really need the money since they are already rich enough.
So what is your reaction to this?
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  1. Michael

    I am agreed with you pretty much. My pick for this year is Dan Mangan- I am super hopeful for him, though Shad is definitely worthy as well.
    Also completely agreed with your views on Tegan and Sara and Broken Social Scene. I think BSS is probably fairly rich enough as well.

  2. alyssa

    wtf are you talking about. tegan and sara are amazing and they deserve to win this. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about with the rich thing either. tegan and sara are just the nicest people in the world and they in my opinion, are finally getting the recognition they deserve after playing music for over 10 years. just take a listen to sainthood. it is an amazing record and I’m not sure how anyone could possibly not love this record. your welcome. 🙂

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