Pamela Brennan – One Hundred Photographs (Review)

One Hundred Photographs - Pamela Brennan (Click on the image to her Myspace page)

Today I got in the mail a CD by a Toronto singer (who also live in Ottawa before) named Pamela Brennan.Just released her debut album called One Hundred Photographs.
Kind of interesting since I am a photographer and get an album title that is very photographic related.
The album is very folky acoustic pop and she almost has that smokey singing voice (Departures) and the soothing folky voice (Epiphany).
She reminds me of “Oh Susanna” mostly the song “Pretty Face” which I heard on CBC Radio 3.
This is a great album for relaxing and wanting to hear something nice and happy.
The lyrics she sings is very intimate and revealing.
Its one of those artist which isn’t too country but great indie folk pop.

Best tracks:

  • Departures
  • Amsterdam
  • Sleep
  • One Hundred Photographs
  • Another Lonley Day
  • Dream

Go to your nearest music store (if they have it) and buy this album.
Nice debut album.


  1. Jerry Bergh

    We are launching an new artists CD release and would like to find out how to get it reviewed on your site.

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