Peach Pit – Sweet FA [Single]/Drop the Guillotine [Music Video]

If you like catchy pop rock music from Vancouver similar to Jay Arner or male vocals style of a-la Jordan Klassen and Aidan Knight.
Check out this band called Peach Pit who will have a EP coming out very soon.
Here is a info about them.
PEACH PIT was formed during the greaseball summer migration of 2014.
Neil’s melancholy pop songs soon evolved after a few practices. Christopher’s dreamy guitar tones and Peter Wilton’s Lou Reed inspired bass chords helped to develop their chewed bubblegum sound. With lyrics rooted in high school heartbreak and self deprecation, the band’s songs spin stories of backstabbing best friends and drug addicted tour guides. Having the dance moves of an epileptic headbanger and the body of a 14 year old girl, Neil brings a unique energy to their live shows while the rest of the band does their best to keep it weird.

Check out their song Sweet FA

Check out the music video for Drop the Guillotine.

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