pH – User’s Manual (Review)

The nice people at PLACE Records gave me a copy of pH‘s album called User’s Manual.
For those that don’t know Place is a Ottawa based arts/music collective bringing out the obscure sounds of techno music into the limelight.
Review of the album.

I rarely review techno digital music unless they are so of well known like Holy F**k.
pH (aka Sean Campbell) is a artist who I’ve seen various times live when I go to a house “party” show or at Mercury Lounge.
User’s Manual is pH’s third release.

If you aren’t into the underground digital music.
You should check out pH’s PA music.
The album is a blend of electronica/techno and digital sound.
Listening to the whole album reminds of Daft Punk with some hip-hop beats.
While listening to the album, it has this conceptual style.
Its like an instruction booklet on how to build a robot.
There is alot of short tracks in this 15 track album.
Surprised that the last three songs are in the 4 minute bracket.

Anyways it is a great dancey record.
One little tiny feedback would be if pH should have like 2 or 3 tracks that would have vocals, I would like to dance and sing to the songs.
Support local acts if you can.
More info on where to get User’s Manual go to this site.

Best tracks:

  • The Beginning
  • Macheens
  • Sign In The Gravel
  • Kumpewters
  • RX2
  • Chipped
  • Equally Inferior
  • Hits with the Mrs.
  • Thaw
  • Graft
  • Expletive

If I rate this, it would be 6/10.
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