Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022

I had a fun great time during Debaser‘s Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022 on March 19, 2021.
Pique is a hybrid event that blends music and arts from shows, screenings, installations, and online programming in Saw Gallery, Arts Court and Ottawa Art Gallery.
While the province is almost on the eve of lifting the Covid mandate, it was a still a masked show and the turnout in this edition was great on missing people at shows.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Started off the IFFO 4k remaster screening of Shortbus which stars Sook-Yin Lee.
I wanted to be there for the Q&A with Sook-Yin Lee and it was very entertaining and insightful.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
First show was Montreal based musician MAGELLA.
Lovely performance of jazz and electronic music.
Things got bumping when she played an upbeat song about F-Boys!
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
In the Ateiler there was artworks which were:
A vivid coalition by Mesoma Onyeagba and many contradictions, many moods by Yomi
Powerful and popping colourful artworks
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
In the Courtroom there was a virtual avatar performances from Maylee Todd and Kelly Ruth.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
A captivating performance by Montreal’s Deidre.
A set that was a mix of experimental, ambient, industrial and electronic music.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Ottawa’s KAR33M kicked off the show at Club Saw.
A cool conceptual Afrobeat, Rap, Pop, R&B and Soul set where the dancer is sleeping on the couch and half-way wakes up dancing to KAR33M’s music.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Ouri was one of the artist I wanted to see at Pique.
First time in Ottawa for the Montreal musician where it was a beautiful atmospheric electronic and pop music.
See big things for Ouri.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Another big one was seeing Sook-Yin Lee perform at Club Saw.
I was getting emotional when she performed tracks from Jooj 2 and of course danced to the music too.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Casey MQ put on a fun dance party at the Arts Court Studio!
Wish it wasn’t on the same time as Sook-Yin Lee’s set but I was happy to dance for abit during the set.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Caught parts of NOVEMBER‘s experimental electro-pop set.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Ending the live music part at Club Saw was Ah-Mer-Ah-Su.
Performing a great set of alternative and electro-pop.
Sang a lovely cover of The Knife’s Heartbeats.
Pique ✶ Spring Edition 2022
Ending the night was local and popular drag queen Kiki Coe.
Getting the audience on their feet dancing and having a fun in the late night.
Overall a great time and waiting for the summer edition.
Check out the gallery.

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