Pop Montreal 2011 – Arbutus Records Presents…

Grimes @ Mission Santa Cruz
My favorite Montreal indie pop label Arbutus Records did their Pop Montreal showcase on September 22, 2011.
Having missed out their showcase last year, there was no way I was going miss this one.
The showcase was held at Mission Santa Cruz on Rachel Street.

Got there to catch the last two songs by Sean Nicholas Savage.
Wow he was really good with his acoustic indie catchy pop songs.
The audience was loving his music which was a sight to see.
Sean Nicholas Savage @ Mission Santa Cruz
First time seeing Tops. [Formerly Silly Kissers may they RIP :(]
Think of their music as a opposite to Silly Kissers but more of a mellow 1980s feels from the likes of Heart or Fleetwood Mac.
Or as I like to call, “Something off from the Top Gun Soundtrack”.
They were really great and I had a great time dancing to their music.
Tops @ Mission Santa Cruz
Grimes went on and she was her usual cute self.
Having opened up for Arcade Fire the night before and heard that people weren’t getting into her music.
This show totally suited her very well.
She wore gloves that she got for $1.
It was a fun dance party.
When Vanessa came on people went wild!
Even I was dancing to most of her set.
Grimes @ Mission Santa Cruz
Didn’t see TONSTARTSSBANDHT but all I can say that I am simply in love with this label.
Their acts bring alot of fun and nostalgia within their music.
Hope the best for Arbutus.
Here are the photos.

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