Pop Montreal: Day 2

Day 2 of Pop Montreal was a fun night.
I went to four different venues which were:
Club Soda to see Hey Ocean! and Joel Plaskett Emergency
Metropolis to see Fever Ray (Photos are on Guttersnipenews)
Jupiter Room to see Said The Whale
Petit Campus to see Flecton Big Sky
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First show was seeing Hey Ocean! at Club Soda.
I had a fun time seeing them play live and it wasn’t crazy crowded because they were the openers.
I have to say that Club Soda is a nice venue.
Hey Ocean! @ Pop Montreal
After that I headed to Metropolis to see Fever Ray.
All I have to say, the was music was nice but the setup was hard to photograph.
Because there wasn’t that much lighting and there were lamps and a nice laser lights.
Considering I heard the artist spent $4000 for the lighting.
I was there for three songs as was told.

I decided to head back to Club Soda and check out Joel Plaskett.
This time he was with the Emergency.
I got there when was singing a track with Ashtray Rock.
It was a pretty rocking track.
Joel Plaskett Emergency @ Club Soda
Sang some old tracks like Down By The Kyber and Love This Town.
So rocking that I didn’t expect him to sing Through & Through & Through live.
With Peter Elkas doing the female singing or not.
The audience were screaming and singing to every song.
I was finally glad to hear Fashionable People live with Joel doing the drumming.

On another note, before the night started.
I was with a friend and walked down on Montreal’s Chinatown.
Went to bank to get money out, while my friend went to the machine and turned my head back and it was Joel.
I told him that I couldn’t photograph his set because of the restriction of the venue.
He said it was fine and just tell the people that Joel said it was ok.
What a guy!

After Joel, I went up to the Jupiter Room to see Said The Whale.
Apparently they were a last minute add in.
They certainly played to a packed crowd in a small venue.
Said The Whale @ Jupiter Room
I was glad to see them for like the fifth time.
Also their new album just came out.
I had to get that album.
Amazing set.

After that I went to Petit Campus.
Playing was Flecton Big Sky, there wasn’t alot of people.
I did noticed Rolf of the Acorn was there.

Overall a fun night.

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