Pop Montreal: Day 1

Went to my first night of Pop Montreal.
Did not get to see the ones that I wanted to see but I was happy to see whoever was playing on the first night.
I had trouble finding one venue which was the Ukrainian Federation.
The other venue “Il Motore” which was abit far so I grabbed a taxi.
The musicians I saw were:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157622370895727″]

Got there just half-way through Bahamas’s set.
Was very impressed with his set.
I swear he looks so different from the album cover.
Amy Millan was wonderful.
I have to say the Ukrainian Federation is such a nice venue.
I noticed some members of the Stills, Stars and Young Galaxy were in attendance for Amy Millan.

After that I headed off to Il Motore.
The Youjsh is a band from Montreal.
Music is klezmer and I kind of enjoyed their stuff.
Bruce Peninsula was the band that I wanted to check out.
It was the only venue I would go considering it was far away from the other venues in downtown Montreal.
Amazing as ever and they were eight members this time.
Kari was not there and they had two new females for the choir part.

That was my first night of Pop Montreal.


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