PS I Love with Matters and Dreamphone @ Mavericks – April 6, 2011

It was a rocking April 6th in Ottawa.
Went to see:

Sort of a 7″ release show for PS I Love You with Left Over in collaboration with Diamond Rings.
Which they didn’t sing live but it was great to see PS I Love You live in a big venue and as a headliner.

The show started off with Ottawa’s Dreamphone.
It was my first time seeing them live.
It had James Romanuk who plays in Crush Building.
Don’t be fooled by the band name, if you were thinking of a indie melodic dream ambient pop music.
Their music was indie noise rock, heavy and epic in some of their songs.
Great set from them.
Dreamphone @ Mavericks
After them it was the first Ottawa show for Matters.
Well basically it’s The D’Urbervilles with a new name.
What is interesting is that Ottawa was the their last show as the D’Urb on Dec 11, 2010.
Now April 6th is the first show in Ottawa as Matters. Wow they seem to love Ottawa alot! 😛
Also their 7″ release for Get In or Get Out
All I can say is that their set just blew me away.
They mostly played new material, sounded better and tight as ever.
No more old tracks like “We Are Hunters” and “Hot Tips” which were a staple of their live shows.
Now it’s new tracks like Get In or Get Out and Junkpile.
Their set was amazing and I can’t wait to get the full album (whenever it will be released).
This is a band to watch (no “matter” on the name change).
So far check out their Bandcamp and purchase the songs Get In or Get Out/Wild Steps.
Matters @ Mavericks
Last on stage was Kingston’s PS I Love You.
It’s almost been a year since they played Mavericks last year and opened up for Born Ruffians.
They are on a whirlwind with their tour and getting alot of positive feedback and love from critics and fans.
They were just amazing.
Hearing tracks like 2012 (via Ca Va Cool), Facelove (via and Get Over was very exciting to hear live.
They are a band which is mostly focused on the music and no gimmick.
Cool to see Paul do his guitar works and Ben on his intense drumming.
PS I Love You @ Mavericks
I just rocked out big time to their set, looking like an idiot dancing while the people were just standing :P.
PS I Love You @ Mavericks
It was a great April 6th show!
Here are the photos
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