PS I Love You, Suuns & Valleys @ Mavericks

It was a loud rocking show that took place at Mavericks on October 5, 2011.
The bands that was on the bill were:

I was more excited to see Suuns play.
They played before as their previous monkier “Zeroes” but it was actually their first time in Ottawa as Suuns (pronounced as “Soons”).
Valleys @ Mavericks
The show started of Montreal’s Valley.
Having seen them play back in March opening up for Land Of Talk.
I was eager to see what they have up their sleeves.
It was a great arty, shoegazey and experimental set.
Loved the new song they played.
Suuns @ Mavericks
Next was Suuns.
I was totally excited since I really love their album Zeroes QC and got to see them this year at NXNE.
The band is made up of members who used to play in different bands.
Ben Shemie (Not sure what band he used to play in?), Liam O’Neill (ex-Silver Starling), Max Henry (ex-Young Galaxy) and Joe Yarmush (ex-Land Of Talk)
Literally they totally blasted their music so loud!
Started off with Armed For Peace which was totally rocking!
Loved hearing them play their other songs Up Past The Nursery, Pie Xi (Pronounced Pea Neuf) and Optmist from their debut EP.
They totally blew this show right out of the water!
Listen to these two songs from an upcoming 12″ single.

Lastly it was PS I Love You.
They played another great loud rocking set.
PS I Love You @ Mavericks
Here are the rest of the photos.

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