Raas, Gary Franks & Alex Maltby and Eric Roberts @ Pressed [October 17, 2012]

Poster by Rolf Klausener

October 17th was the third of seven nights of Experimental Music Wednesday at Pressed.
Hosted by Adam Saikaley.
It it’s second season, the event will run from October 3rd to November 14th.
Playing on the third night was:

Gary Franks & Alex Maltby

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts who DJs for Timekode and Ceremony was the resident DJ for the night.
The music he played was very mellow and had that 80s Doctor Who synth sci-fi sound.

Gary Franks and Alex Maltby of Roberta Bondar started off the set.
Mostly played a set of experimental music.
The music was hypnotic and different.
Far different from I am used to when they play in Roberta Bondar.

Lastly was Raas to go up.
They put on a nice electronica and visual set.
They were playing new material of music.
It was very well done.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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