Radio Radio – Belmundo Regal (Review)

Radio Radio - Belmundo Regal
Here is part seven of a ten part on reviewing the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominees.
This time it is Radio Radio‘s Belmundo Regal.

I finally got to see Radio Radio play in Ottawa on September 11th.
Which somehow it kind of messed my brain and surprised me to see three white guys that don’t look the Rap/Hip-hop norm and just go on stage to do what they do.
Radio Radio happens to be one of the big surprise on this year’s Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominees.
For those that don’t know Radio Radio is a electro/rap/hip-hop band from Nova Scotia now in Montreal.
They mostly sing in Arcadian French with some English.
Rap/Hip-hop doesn’t have to be sung in English and its accepted. Two examples when I think of Radio Radio is this Japanese band called Dragon Ash (They are mostly J-Rock who happens to have a rapper) and MC Solaar.
Listening to the whole twelve tracks
I was very surprised to have fun and dancey this album is.
There will be some naysayers thinking it is somewhat cheesy.
I think the band won’t care to what they will say and not take themselves serious.
They are a band that just wants people to enjoy to their music.

The album does reference to alot of Arcadian culture.
I actually like this album despite not understanding the French and the culture.

On Polaris: There is a 80% chance they might win the prize and feeling they might be the underdog.
Even interviewing the band, they didn’t seem unfazed with the nomination.
Artisitc merits: It is unique for a band to rap in Arcadian French and English.
It is one fine great dancing record.

Best tracks:

  • Cargué dans ma chaise
  • Ej savais pas mieux
  • Dekshoo
  • Guess What?
  • Enfant spécial
  • [audio:]
  • Tômtôm
  • Sur la galavante
  • Kenny G Non-Stop
  • L’Épopée de Belmundo

If I rate this, it would be 8/10.

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