Caribou and The Russian Futurists @ Babylon

It was a wicked fun sweaty sold out show at Babylon on September 15, 2010.
Playing at the show were:

This is the second time to see Caribou in 2010.
I really wanted to see Caribou again.
This time he had The Russian Futurists open up.
I finally got to see the Russian Futurists play.
Before the show started I got a chance to interview Matthew of The Russian Futurists.
Check out the interview here.

The Russian Futurists started off the set.
There was a backing band.
It was a fun dancey pop set.
He played alot of new tracks from the upcoming album “The Weight’s on the Wheels”.
Three old songs were played which were
Let’s Get Ready To Crumble
2 Dots on a Map
Paul Simon
There was a great turnout for that set.
I can’t wait for the new album.
The Russian Futurists @ Babylon
Caribou got on stage.
Unlike the last show back in May but the same setup and visuals.
Still off touring and promoting Swim and with the Polaris Music Prize nomination.
There is no stopping Mr.Snaith.
This time he had four band members who played the clarinet, saxophone, flute and horns.
Everytime he puts on a show, its get more intense and you are drawn to the music.
I was happy hearing Melody Day!
It wasn’t until Odessa (half way thru the set) that people went wild and started pushing and shoving near the stage.
I was afraid of hitting my head near Dan’s keyboards since I was very close.
It was crazy and a first time *finally* that people were actually dancing to the music.
Then he played Sun and it was just crazy. I almost lost my voice just singing to the song.
Another brilliant and wonderful show!!
Caribou @ Babylon
Here are the photos.

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