Bands Undone: The Belle Game

The Belle Game @ Bands Undone

Stephanie (contributor to this site) and I are completely in love with The Belle Game.
They stopped by Canteen for Bands Undone.
First time for Bands Undone to do a public event.
Also the first time for the band to play in Ottawa.
Very nice, fun and socialable people to know.

For those that don’t know about The Belle Game.
The band right now is from Montreal but originally from Vancouver.
Their music is blend of indie pop-folk.
So far they have released an EP called “Inventing Letters
They sang about five songs.
Favorite was hearing “Shoulders and Turns” and Inventing Letters (The Suitcase Song).
Their music was simply wonderful live.
The people that showed up to this were amazed and loved it.
The last song they sang, they got everyone to do the clapping.
It was fun and lovely.

Very surprised that the Belle Game went from a trio to eight members, there was a mention of Ohbijou a few times just listen to this interview.
Totally you should check out this band.
After that they will be filming a music video.
Can’t wait to see that!
Listen to:

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