Rêves Sonores – Crépuscule [Streaming]

Nick Schofield is having a busy 2021 with the release of Glass Gallery which came out in February.
This time he has collaborated with Stefan Christoff to make Rêves Sonores.
Today they released their long awaited album Crépuscule via Youngbloods.
A wonderful relaxing mix of experimental and contemporary jazz instrumental music.

About the album:
Rêves sonores provides a platform for inspired improvisation to interact with contemporary classical compositions, reinforced with experimental electronic production techniques.

Tracked and spliced together over a number of recording sessions, Crépuscule is a collaged tone poem depicting a night wandering through Montreal’s fabled Jardin du Crépuscule (Twilight Garden) in Mile End.
Schofield and Christoff’s collection of works find movement in the night, reconstructing improvisations into eleven illuminating classically tinged compositions.

Crépuscule gets:

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