Kelp 15 with Jim Bryson, The Acorn and Anders Parker

Last night I attend Kelp Records 15th Anniversary.
It was held at the Mayfair Theatre and there was alot of people that was eager to see Jim Bryson and The Acorn.
Being inside the Mayfair Theatre bought back some old memories, just feels different being inside that theatre and forgot that the clock is still up there.

It was a wonderful evening of Kelp‘s finest works.

It was interesting to have it at the Mayfair Theatre.
Go and sit wherever, like going to a seated concert but at a movie theatre where you can buy pop, candies and popcorn.
People bought popcorn so they can enjoy the show at the same time.
It was a unique way doing a show like this.
Also they served beer and wine.

Started off with Anders Parker, a singer from America.
His music was very acoustic folky rock.
Nice, mellow and soothing.
I wasn’t familiar with his work but the president of Kelp Records was excited to bring him to Ottawa for this show.
Great talented singer.
Jim Bryson @ Kelp 15
After him was Jim Bryson, Amanda Putz was introducing him on stage.
Lovely to see him play since he has a busy schedule now.
Funny about it was he didn’t do any sound checks or anything.
He had a band this time and sang some tracks from his “Where The Bungalows Roam”.
I think he did play Flowers, Pissing In The City and Wishes Pile Up.
Love him bantering, which makes the show very fun and entertaining.
Jon Bartlett went up and gave him a birthday cake since it was his birthday.
Kind of sad that he accidentally dropped the cake on the seat while he had to switch guitars.
He said that no one shouldn’t sit on that seat tomorrow.
Encore he sang a new song since most of the audience were screaming to hear a new song.
Great fun set that he did.

The Acorn were on stage.
Haven’t seen them play in Ottawa since December.
Lovely live as always.
Sang stuff from the Glory Hope Mountain album and other old ones.
They have been getting better and better live.
Surprised to see the lead singer’s mom at the show.
Since Glory Hope Mountain is based on her and funny Rolf put her on the spot about some story he mentioned.
The encore they played a really old song from their Pink Ghost album which was “Darcy”.
Great band to see live as always.

Lovely fun event to begin the three days of Kelp 15th anniversary.


  1. François

    Looks like it was a really fun time! I quite liked the review, Ming. You attending any of the other Kelp events this weekend?

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