Kelp 15!!

OK today Kelp Records turns 15!

With that tonight there will be a show at the Mayfair Theatre and playing there will be Jim Bryson and The Acorn.

That in said I will review The Acorn’s album Glory Hope Mountain.
Album has been out since 2007 and put this under my “Best of 2007” list but I never got to write a full review until today.
This album has longevity and I think is putting them on the international spotlight.
Because lately they have been in the UK opening up for bands like Elbow and Fleet Foxes.
A small session on BBC Radio.
That is sure to give them a big break in the UK.

With this album, I will classify it as indie experimental alternative rock.
Don’t freak at me, but I can’t see them as a folky band, alternative-rock yes.
The album is a conceptual style dealing with the lead singer’s mom during her times in Honduras.
Very sad, emotional and high energy.

There is alot of acoustic and agressive tracks.
I haven’t gotten their older albums and should need to get them.
Glory Hope Mountains sounds very sophisticated to listen to.

Lots of great melodies.
Great album by this band.

Best tracks:

  • Flood Pt 1 & Pt 2
  • Glory
  • Oh Napoleon
  • Low Gravity
  • Antenna
  • Lullaby (Mountain)

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