Roberta Bondar – Roberta Bondar EP [Review]

This EP filled with indie experimental noise pop-rock with a touch of lo-fi tunes.

Roberta Bondar (not the astronaut) is a Ottawa band that I’ve covered various times on this site.
For a refresher the band consist of:

Finally had the chance to listen to their EP which dropped in May.
You can get the EP on cassette through Bruised Tongue.
The EP is six tracks which clocks around 37 minutes.

A band that started in 2011, you would expect incredible short tracks.
Shortest track being Moon at around 4 minutes to the longest being Crave You at around 9 minutes.
With tracks like Children and Tongue Ring giving it a hazy psychedelic noisy rock feel to it.
Surprising they re-recorded Mistakes which I feel sounds very much like a Sonic Youth track.
Crave You has a slow moody dream rock sound.
This being an EP I really want to hear more from this band.
Hopefully the band will record more tracks in the future.

Best tracks:

I’d give this EP 9/10.
Recommend for those that like Boyhood, Grime Kings, White Wires and Silver Dapple.
You can see Roberta Bondar play at the Arboretum Festival on September 15th.
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