Loon Choir and Billz & Woo @ Gypsy & Company [July 25, 2012]

Gypsy & Company is a Ottawa local Vintage Boutique and clothing store on 209 Gilmour Street.
On July 25th they held a private vintage bag sale to their esteemed customers a special chance to “score the good stuff” before the big day!
They got two great local acts to play at this event.
The acts were:
Loon Choir
Loon Choir @ Gypsy & Co.
Billz & Woo
illz & Woo @ Gypsy & Co.

Billz & Woo are an Electro/Pop duo from Ottawa.
Well they didn’t play any electro and it was mostly an acoustic set.
It was a great set anyways.
illz & Woo @ Gypsy & Co.
Then it was Loon Choir’s turn.
Amazed me how all seven members could fit into one small place.
They played an amazing set.
Loon Choir @ Gypsy & Co.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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