Said The Whale and Fast Romantics @ Bronson Centre

It’s been awhile since I last saw Said the Whale performed in Ottawa.
I couldn’t say no to seeing them on their album release for As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide.
Opening up for them was Toronto’s Fast Romantics.

Said the Whale @ Bronson Centre
Said the Whale came on stage performing a lively energetic set. Most of the set was from their fifth album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide. To be honest while I loved the show, being up front to the stage at Bronson Centre. There was certain parts in the set I couldn’t hear their vocals even with my ear plugs on. Either the speakers should be moved back. Getting back, they did performed favorites like Out on the Shield, Camilo and The Light is You. They ended off with Miscarriage, which got into everyone’s heartstrings. Sadly there was no encore but it was nice that the band came out to meet their fans!
Fast Romantics @ Bronson Centre
Opening up for Said The Whale was Toronto’s Fast Romantics. The band performed mostly tracks from their upcoming album American Love. It was a great set of their fun indie pop rock music.

Said the Whale @ Bronson Centre

Said the Whale @ Bronson Centre

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