JUNOfest 2017 – Weaves, Partner, Thrifty Kids and Scary Bear Soundtrack

After spending all day at the Juno Awards Gala. Again I went down to House of Targ on the second night of JUNOfest 2017.
I didn’t want to miss out Weaves, Partner, Thrifty Kids and Scary Bear Soundtrack.

Weaves @ House of Targ
Weaves was the band I really want to see during JUNOfest. Ever since the release of their self-titled full-length album. They haven’t been to Ottawa in 2016 to promote it. It was a fine time that they did and boy what a set the band perform. They sounded better and Jasmyn with her quirky stage presence. You had to be there to see it. They ended off by singing O Canada.
Partner @ House of Targ
Second time this year seeing Partner. They totally rock the roof off! Fun and energetic pop rock alternative music. Don’t forget to see them at Ottawa Explosion. Can’t wait for the full-length album.
Thrifty Kids @ House of Targ
Thrifty Kids!
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ House of Targ
Got there for the last song of Scary Bear Soundtrack. Still a great set for them for being a opener!

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