SASAMI – Sorry Entertainer [Music Video]

Today, Los Angeles artist SASAMI dropped the music video for Sorry Entertainer via Domino Records.
The track is a cover of Daniel Johnston and makes the lo-fi acoustic song into scorching loud rocking song.

About the track:
“I made my last album when I was in a very emotionally vulnerable and tender place, but after a couple years of touring those same subtle, more sensitive songs, the live show became louder and more volatile,” says SASAMI.
“A bit before the pandemic took hold I was really getting back into metal and numetal, so a couple months into quarantine I made an acoustic version of the System of a Down song “Toxicity.”

My sadness ripened into anger throughout 2020, and deeper into it I started experimenting with a heavier palette and decided to perform the inverse exercise of metallicizing an acoustic song.
‘Sorry Entertainer’ is my take on mixing the desperation of being a hopeless and powerless artist and the extremely powerful sounds of a metal band.
Like giving a toddler a flamethrower… or a fullstack.”

Sorry Entertainer gets:

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