Scary Bear Soundtrack & Jenna Tenn-Yuk @ Pressed [July 12, 2012]

Literally I am done covering Ottawa Bluesfest. (Won’t get into the gory details but hopefully show some of the photos from July 4-11 :P)
Need to get back to my own surroundings of the shows happening in the city.
With that I wanted to support my Asian Solidarity crew at this show at Pressed on Thursday night.
Really nice intimate show
Playing at the show was:
Scary Bear Soundtrack
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ Pressed
Jenna Tenn-Yuk
Jenna Tenn-Yukk @ Pressed

I got there in time for Jenna’s set.
Ever since she played at the 4in1 sessions, she has been focused on making more music.
She played a nice a set of acoustic pop music.
Of course she did some spoken word.
At the end she did a nice medley of Motown songs, my favorite when she sang My Girl.
This time she has another back singer named Katey Merriman
Jenna Tenn-Yukk @ Pressed
Last was Scary Bear Soundtrack.
They put on a great indie pop-rock set.
Gloria started off solo with a nice cover.
Then she was accompanied by Dannik.
There was a mix of great catchy pop tunes with some added synth and drum machine.
Really enjoyed it.
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ Pressed
Overall a nice night at Pressed.

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