Scattered Clouds – The First Empire [Review]

The long awaited full-length album by Hull/Ottawa band Scattered Clouds finally sees the light of day.
The First Empire is six tracks of dark, experimental rock music.
Scattered Clouds @ Pressed
If you haven’t heard of them, they consist of Philippe Charbonneau, Pierre-Luc Clement and Jamie Kronick.
Scattered Clouds is one of those bands that is on the E-Tron Records label.
While they may be compared to Fet.Nat, but their music is far more cohesive and straight forward.

Surprisingly enough People Walk which has been around since 2013 is in the album.
Most of the tracks has a dark nightmare vibe minus the track Floating Underwater which has literally a floating dreamscape sound.
Listening to the whole album felt like Timber Timbre’s Hot Dreams.
Overall this is a unique and impressive album.

Best tracks:

  • Enchanteresse
  • Floating Underwater
  • Deepest Night
  • The First Empire

I’d give The First Empire a 8/10.

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