Shotgun Jimmie talks about Arboretum Music + Arts Festival 2012

Arboretum Music + Arts Festival is coming very soon. September 15, 2012 to be exact.
One of the acts I am very excited is Shotgun Jimmie.
Check out on what he has to say about Arboretum Festival!

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How excited are you to be playing at the inaugural Arboretum Festival?
I’m very excited to be playing. I’m a big fan of the organizers, I always thought they would put together an exceptional festival, and I’m flattered and honored to be included.

Are there any acts you are excited to see?
The whole line up is great, but I must say I’m particularly looking forward to both Sandro Perri and Jenny Omnichord.

Besides the acts, is there any of the food vendors you are willing to try out? (In my opinion, I try anything from the Manx and Murray Street’s meatcone)
Fish is the only meat I eat, so you will have to fill me in on the meatcone situation. I am looking forward to trying the Veggie taco wraps from the Manx though.
Shotgun Jimmie @ Mavericks
What can we expect from your live set? Will you be using your suitcase as a drumdrum kit?
I’ve got a bunch of new material, including a new standing station for my one man band set up. I will also have the classic suitcase drum situation as well. I’m prepared and super excited, which is usually a recipe for a “life changer”.

What do you think a festival like this would be beneficial to the city?
Arts and culture save cities from being loud, stinky, busy, cluster bleeps.

More info about Arboretum Music + Arts Festival, click here.

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